Re: DC-8s in service; no 707s?

Date:         31 Jan 97 14:29:23 
From:         National Aero Safety <>
Organization: Aviation / Industrial Safety Services
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Louis A. Ramsay wrote:
> In <airliners.1997.287@ohare.Chicago.COM> "Richard Isakson"
> <> writes:
> >>      Is there a reason that the DC-8 airframes are still in service
> >> up to 30 years later while the 707s are not?

> >It's a question of engine noise.  The DC-8s that you see are the
> >re-engined/stretched versions ...

>      I think another consideration in re-engining the B-707 was the
> height of the existing engine off the ground.  You can't add much more
> engine diameter to a 707 before the lower part of the cowling will be
> rubbing on the ground ...

Isn't it also a factor that the Douglas DC-8's being the superior
product, are less prone to corrosion that the Draconian Boeing 707's?

All kidding aside, it is my understanding that Douglas put more effort
into corrosion protection.  The DC-8 is also a newer design.

Ralph D. Livingston