Re: stretch DC-8 landing gear

Date:         31 Jan 97 14:29:23 
From:         David Lednicer <>
Organization: Analytical Methods, Inc.
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Kenneth Quek wrote:
> Apparently, the early DC-8 series (-10 to -50) had main landing gear which
> were tall enough to accommodate the stretch. This problem of needing to
> extend the landing gear for a stretch was partly why Boeing abandoned the
> stretched 707-700 competitor to the DC-8.

	The 707-700 (a 707-320 with CFM56s) first flew in the late 1970s and
the last DC-8 was produced in 1972.  Hence, the 707-700 wasn't a
DC-8-61/62/63 competitor.

	Boeing legend has it that when the 707 was originally designed, they
didn't know how tall to make the landing gear.  In the end, they decided
to put the entry door sill height at the same level it is on a DC-7.
This resulted in a landing gear that was too short to allow a long
fuselage stretch.  Douglas, on the other hand, used a much taller
landing gear and were able to stretch their fuselage substantially.

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