Re: A330/340 vs. B777

Date:         31 Jan 97 14:29:22 
From:         "Julian H. Lloyd" <>
Organization: A user of Pacific Internet
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>         Wasn't there once mention here of an unusual seating arrangement
> by Gulf Air(?) with a single row of seats in the middle? I also
> remember , before the A320 went into service that there was talk of
> offering it as twin aisle with a 2-1-2 arrangement, albiet with
> (cough) -narrow- aisles.

I love the 777 from several good transatlantic experiences on it, but I
recently had the opportunity to fly on one of Thai's intra-Asia 777s -
the seat configuration was 2-4-2 in Business Class! What a nightmare - I
think that it shows that most of this argument would be better directed
at airlines than manufacturers. Any of the aircraft under discussion in
this thread can be configured in a variety of ways that increase or
decrease passenger comfort, and have a corresponding revenue
implication, presumably. Blaming the aircraft design is missing the