Re: A330/340 vs. B777

Date:         31 Jan 97 14:29:21 
From:         richard@rmit.EDU.AU (Richard A. Muirden)
Organization: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.
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Jean-Francois Mezei <"nospam<-jfmezei"> writes:
>I have a hard time beleiving these "industry surveys" apply to the
>industry in general. I can understand passengers not knowing/caring
>about plane type for shuttle-type flights (high frequency, short hop)
>where the planes are almost all narrowbody with 3-3 or 2-3 seating.

etc etc.

JF I think you are crediting the average travelling public with too much
interest in the plane type. Remember that you, I, Karl, Helen et al have a
specific interest in the plane we're on. Some even care what variant of
PW4000 they've got or if it's a 747-451 or -422 (in UA's 747-400 fleet

Let's take my mother as a fair example of your average travellor. She does
maybe 2 business trips a year short hall (ie: MEL-SYD) which will be in a
QF 737, 767 or A300(-B4). Once per year (usually) she does a big trip -
international, and will def. have a 747-400 and perhaps a 767 or other
smaller type.

She doesn't care. You'd think that having her son aviation mad (me) and
her partner an aerospace engineer for many years who has certified many
aircraft for Australian use (DC-2 up to the D10 and 747-200) she'd be a bit
more cluey as to aircraft. All she knows is a 747 is the "one with the hump"(!)
and that's about it. Last year we flew together on a 767-300 (BA) LHR-SVO
yet after returning and I had mentioned something about liking the 767 cabin
layout she said "have I ever been on one of those?"

My mother's biggest thrill is to see one of QF's pained up 747's because
it makes her feel more Australian and she is so proud of the Kangaroo on
the tail.

I don't fly QF at all.

My mother is average. My brother is worse! He flew TG to Delhi a few
years back on a MD-11 and thought it was a 747. I said "3 engines and
no hump" and he had no clue :)

I doubt many business fliers care what variant they are on as long as it
gets them there. Obviously I know a fair number of people who do care, and
will change their schedule to get say a 777 or 747 transcon in the US or
something like that, but in general many people don't care. In fact on the
first commercial 777 flight I was on June 7, '95 with all the TV crews, Boeing
employees and whatnot on board, sitting next to me was a guy who "just wanted
to go to Washington" and didn't even know or care what the big fuss was about.
He said to me "what's so special about this plane anyway?" (!)

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