Re: Turboprop startup speed question (long)

Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:27 
From:         Bill Chivers <>
Organization: Chivers Consultants
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In article <airliners.1997.282@ohare.Chicago.COM>, McElravy
<> writes

<snipped description of different startups>

>So: turboprop people, what's the word? (I'm sorry my message was as long as
>the ATP startup, but I was trying to make a point.)

Don't know details of the ATP, but a possible reason for the long time
between starts could be that they were delayed by something, like an ATC
clearance, minor snag needing referral to the minimum equipment list, or
delivery of a loadsheet. In circumstances such as that, when cabin
temperature is uncomfortable (in this case probably too cold), since no
APU, we start an engine to get an airconditioning pack going for
passenger comfort.

Incidentally, on that topic, on the ATR the engines have a free power
turbine. We have a prop brake on Number 2, allowing the engine to be run
for DC and Bleed Air, without the prop turning. When ready to go just
start number 1 and release the prop brake and off we go.

Bill Chivers