The LAAS proposal for GPS

Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:27 
From: (brian whatcott)
Organization: Zip News
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In a 116 page briefing, the FAA has described a local area augmentation
scheme (LAAS) for GPS in the airport terminal area.

 The concept is proposed to provide unavailability of 1 in 100,000.
This level of availability is achieved with pseudolites, GLONASS or
WAAS. It proposes antenna configurations to mitigate multi-path, such
as helical bowl and stacked dipole.

 It notes unwavering support for the VHF nav band ( 108-116MHz) to
carry the uplink.
 It looks to the community to define the ground system interface to the
aircraft: on the one hand robust enough for Cat III, on the other,
affordable by GenAv.

 (Extracted from a piece by Paul Prisaznuk in 'AeroLine', Arinc's
monthly newletter of airline electronics engineering, available in
electronic form. )
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