Re: First DC-9 Active Noise Control System Approved By FAA

Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:27 
From: (Eric Basile)
Organization: Ripco, Chicago's Oldest Online Information Service
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GeoffNich ( wrote:
: The Federal Aviation Administration approved the installation of Lord
: Corporation's NVX Active Noise and Vibration Control System in the DC-9
: Series of aircraft.
: The NVX Active Noise and Vibration Control System makes the rear of the
: DC-9 cabin as quiet as the front.  This should be a welcomed relief for
: passengers.

I have a picture of an old FAA project called "FAA Quiet Nacelle." It appears
to have been installed on a DC-9. How does this new project compare to that
old one (and other noise reduction initiatives, for that matter?)


Eric Basile