Re: Question: Fuel Dumping

Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:26 
From:         Pete Finlay <>
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In article <airliners.1997.268@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Brian A. Reynolds"
<> writes

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>Hi Pete, sorry, have to agree with Mike.  FAR 25.1001 Fuel jettisoning
>system.  (a) A fuel jettisoning system must be installed unless it si
>shown that the airplane meets the climb requirements of 25.119 and
>25.121(d) at maximum takeoff weight, less the actual or computed weight
>of fuel necessary for a 15-minute flight comprised of a takeoff,
>go-around, and landing at the airport of departure with the airplane
>configuration, speed, power, and thrust thte same as that used in
>meeting the applicable takeoff, approach, and landing climb performance
>requirements of this Part.  Landing gear is addressed in 25.721 and the
>requirements deal with the adequacy of the landing gear, reserve
>capability, and testing.

What you have put forward is the FAA's view on aviation. Please bear in
mind that this view is not necc. reflected round the rest of the world.
A very large proportion of the world do not operate under FAA rules, but
rather under their own civil aviation authority regulations.

Nor do F.A.R.'s enter into the Flight Crew's consideration when faced
with a large aircraft that is able to take-off at 1.3 times it's maximum
structural landing weight due to the large amounts of fuel we carry.

If the question was why do large aircraft have to dump fuel, then I
still believe I am correct: in order to get down to max. structural
landing weight.

>It is my understanding that Airbus aircraft do not have the capability
>to jettison fuel.

I haven't heard that one before. Where did you hear it? It doesn't sound
correct. I suspect that the A340, for example, being a long-range
machine, must have a max. landing weight lower than max t.o. weight, and
they would therefore need to dump fuel if something went wrong after

Mind you, they are French, aren't they? The French seem to be a law unto
themselves most of the time.

Pete Finlay
Boeing 747 Senior Flight Engineer