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Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:26 
From: (JWizardC)
Organization: AOL
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The comprehensive list is found in the FARs - I'm sorry, I don't have my
FAR/AIM handy, but I believe it's in section 1.0 - Definitions and
In any case, here's the most frequently used collection:

V1 - Takeoff decision speed. At normal acceleration, it is assumed that by
the time the airplane reaches this speed it has eaten enough runway that
there is no longer enough room to stop safely. In short, at V1 you are
committed to takeoff. Most takeoff-related accidents are the result of a
decision to abort a takeoff after V1 speed is attained.

VR - Rotation speed. Most large airplanes will not takeoff unless the nose
is raised to 2-5 degrees. Vr is the speed at which this is done. It is
usually 3-5 knots above V1, but never below it.

V2 - This is the minimum safe flying speed with flaps in the takeoff

VSTALL - Amazingly enough, this is stall speed.

VX - This is maximum climb angle without regard to engine cooling

VY - This is maximum rate of climb

VYSE - This is maximum rate of climb with a single engine (e.g. an engine
failure on a twin - engine airplane.

VREF - This is the minimum safe approach speed with full landing flaps.

I'll forward a referance to the appropriate AFR next chance I get. If you
don't want to wait, just pick up a copy of the FAR/AIM book at any pilot's
shop or mail order catalog.

-the FNG