Re: 767-400ERX (Was `Delta A340 order?')

Date:         03 Jan 97 04:36:34 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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In article <airliners.1997.8@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
jfmezei  <> wrote:
>Niels Sampath wrote:
>> Today's (Dec18th) `Flight Int'l' magazine has a decent little article on
>> Boeing's efforts to get Delta to launch the 767-400. These efforts
>> indicate that the 6m stretched 767 proposal is targeted at the
>> A330-200 (which lends credence to the A330-200 size/range class).
>> It also means that if Boeing is doing this Delta is not interested in
>> any A340 or 777 order after all(?).
>Out of curiosity, are these just speculations from that magazine, of
>report from leaks by "an informed source", or based on an official
>Boeing statement ?
>If an official Boeing statement, is this designed as a strategy against
>Airbus, or reporting actual true blue reality ?
>I tend to disbeleive that such statements would be "official" since
>companies involved in negotiations would not really wish to report what
>is REALLY happening.

I have noticed that Flight International tends to report a lot more
order speculations than its US counter-part, AvWeek.  However, most
of FI's "speculations" have turned out to be true.  Some recent ones
that I can think of include:

1. Air France's B777 order (nonetheless, FI reported that AF was
   interested in the B777-300 instead of the B777-200IGW)

2. Sabena's A330-200 order

Anyway, I believe Boeing has officially released something on the
B767-400ERX, I don't think that's a big secret.  Courting Delta
is an obvious move.  It's interesting that you questioned this report
of Delta's potential interest in the B767-400ERX, but I don't remember
you doubting reports of Delta's interest in the A330/340.

The simple fact is Airbus has had a good year with the A330-200.  It
makes sense for Boeing to launch the B767-400ERX ASAP.  Another fact
is Delta need an L-1011 replacement soon.  The B767-400ERX certainly
makes sense (so does the A330-200, but less so because Delta already
owns a big fleet of B767-200/300).  I don't think it's a sin to
speculate, especially a reasonable speculation.

BTW, my educated guess is if Delta does go with the B767-400ERX
the order will be supplemented with some B777s for trans-Pacific
services, just like AA's Boeing order.  If Delta chooses the A330 (most
likely the -200), then it will be supplemented with some A340s.