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Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:25 
From:         gerhard <>
Organization: OnRamp Technologies; ISP;  Dallas/Ft Worth/Houston, TX USA
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The Aviation Forum on America Online has just such a list in the Info
Center. Check in the Aviation Codes... collection.

V1    - takeoff decision speed
V2    - takeoff safety speed
V2min - minimum takeoff safety speed
Va    - design maneuvering speed
Vb    - design speed for maximum gust intensity
Vc    - design cruise speed
Vd    - design dive speed
Vdf   - demonstration dive speed
Vf    - design flap speed
Vfe   - maximum flap-extended speed (top of white arc)
Vh    - maximum speed in level flight with maximum continuous power
Vle   - maximum landing-gear extended speed
Vlo   - maximum landing-gear operating speed
Vlof  - lift-off speed
Vmca  - minimum control speed with critical engine out out of ground
effect (red radial line)
Vmcg  - minimum control speed with critical engine out during takeoff
Vmo   - maximum operating speed
Mmo   - maximum operating Mach number
Vmu   - minimum unstick speed
Vne   - Never-exceed speed
Vno   - maximum cruise speed (top of green arc)
Vr    - rotation speed
Vref  - reference speed for final approach, normally 1.3Vso
Vs    - stall speed
Vso   - stall speed in landing configuration (bottom of white arc)
Vsse  - minimum safe single-engine speed
Vx    - best angle-of-climb speed
Vxse  - best single-engine angle-of-climb speed
Vy    - best rate-of-climb speed
Vyse  - best single-engine rate-of-climb speed