What did I see?

Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:25 
From:         John Hall <john@kodak.com>
Organization: Eastman Kodak Company
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January 24 at about 11:00 AM I was driving down I-190 in Niagara
Falls, heading for Canada.  I saw what appeared to be a small
transport on final for the NF airport/Air Force base.

As it got closer, it got wierder.  It had a fuselage extension
that stuck out below and head of the the cockpit, containing
what appeared to be a second cockpit.  There were tall fences or
control surfaces projecting up and down from the wings, at about

I confess, I was so boggled seeing this, (and trying to drive on
the Interstate at the same time) that I didn't see what it had
for engines.  I believe the fin was relatively unswept and rounded,
like on the old Convair turboprops.

Anybody got a clue as to what this was?  A flying cockpit
simulator of some kind?  Civil?  Military?

John Hall