Re: DC-8s in service; no 707s?

Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:25 
From: (Louis A. Ramsay)
Organization: Netcom
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In <airliners.1997.286@ohare.Chicago.COM> Steve Lacker
<> writes:

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>Also, I suspect that the first-line
>operators of both aircraft held on to their 707's and ran them up to
>higher hours than did DC-8 operators (not that the DC-8 isn't an
>excellent aircraft, but it was decidedly less popular than the 707).

     The B-707 may have been more popular with the scheduled carriers,
but, in the 70's, the majority of aircraft used by supplemental
carriers were DC-8's.  The only supplemental using B-707's back then
was World Airways and they were in the process of changing over to
DC-8's and DC-10's.

     I should have qualified "supplemental carriers" to read "U.S.
supplemental carriers".  For some reason, a high percentage of European
supplemental carriers used B-707's.  Go figure.

     The DC-8/63 had a MGTOW of 355,000 lbs as did some models of the
B-707 (TWA's B-707BAH comes to mind).