Boeing/Macdac Flying Wing Superjumbo (was: Boeing cancels

Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:23 
From:         "J. Heilig" <>
Organization: Precision Scale Graphics
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I was at NASA Langley this past summer and saw the models of the manta
ray shaped McDD design in question.  Honestly, I thought it was some
sort of military project.  It looked very futuristic (whatever that
means).  If indeed this is what Boeing/McDD are working on (the Langley
people called it an 800 seater), I fail to see how you'd a) put one at
any existing airport gate or b) get that many people on/off of it within
the space of one human lifetime.

Pretty cool concept though...They could have tennis courts at mid-deck.

Jennings Heilig