Re: A330/340 vs. B777

Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:23 
From:         Alan Wong <>
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matt weber wrote:
> >Some people won't assimilate the information that are given to them.
> >They are told Airbus's 2-4-2 economy configuration is more comfortable
> >than Boeing's 2-5-2.  They are also told Airbus's 2-2-2 business
> >configuration is more comfortable than Boeing's 2-3-2.  Some will accept
> >these statements without even analyzing the information.  That's what
> >I meant by "some peple will believe what they are told to believe".
> >
> >IMHO, Airbus's claims are true only when the flight is more than 85-90%
> >full.  Otherwise, the wider seats should win.

Wow! The extra inch or so in seat width really makes a difference! So much
difference that if I wasn't told or didn't know beforehand that it was there I
wouldn't even have noticed it. That's exactly how I felt recently in a "wide"
A320. And the same thing goes for the argument that the widest point on an A320
is at waist level compared to shoulder level on the 737. Who's gonna get out
their tape measure next flight and find there's an extra inch here and there
and then feel good when it measures a meagre inch bigger?

Having said that, for me, the seat configuration is immediately obvious and
does play a large influence on comfort, even if it is only perceived. I also
find business class more comfortable not because of the wider seats, but
because seat pitch is larger and the seats are closer to aisles in general (eg
1-2-2 layout compared to 2-3-2). Hence I will say that 2-3-2 is better than
2-4-2 which is better than 2-5-2, irrespective of manufacturer.

> Personally, I think this entire argument is academic. The people riding
> in the premium cabins may or may choose an airline based upon comfort. I
> suspect most make a choice based upon frequent flyer program!

Precisely. Cattle class is cattle class, irrespective of the extra inch.