Blended-body snag?

Date:         30 Jan 97 00:36:22 
From: (Ostreger)
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How do the new blended-body airliners claim to handle pressurisation
I've been a flying-wing fanatic for decades and still I don't know how FW
airliners can work.   Yes, the aerodynamic advantages are real, and yes,
modern avionics  - fly-by-wire - take care of the stability snags.
There's still pressurisation.   The standard 8psi is upwards of half a ton
per square foot - and those blended-body birds have around 3,000 square
feet of cabin ceiling/floor.   This means near on a couple of thousand
tons is trying to tear one apart, distorting it and - critically -
fatiguing it.   (Conventional airliners have an equivalent problem, but
their circular fuselage does not distort with pressurisation - though the
Comet III exploded nonetheless!)   Such loads can be handled, but the
structure to do it this so heavy that the other benefits look to be
totally outweighed.