Re: L1011 vs. DC-10

Date:         27 Jan 97 02:45:58 
From:         Kuper Werner <>
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>American recently sold 14
>DC-10-10s to FedEx, with delivery at a rate of one per month.  The
>first delivery, in October, was N102AA, the third DC-10 off the
>production line.  November's delivery was N103AA (LN 5, the plane
>involved in the 1972 cargo door incident over Windsor, Ontario).
>Both of these planes had been taken out of service and stored at
>Ft. Worth's Alliance Airport since 1993, but it looks like they'll
>be flying for a number of years to come.  (Except for the last of
>the 14 planes AA will deliver to FedEx, all had been taken out of
>service and stored.)
>FedEx is also getting all 36 of United's remaining DC-10-10s over
>the next few years, including some very early ones.  Here's what
>the status is of the first ten DC-10s:
>  1  N101AA  AA, stored MZJ (Marana, AZ) - broken up?
>  2  N220AU  Project Orbis (flying eye hospital)
>  3  N102AA  AA => FedEx 10/96
>  4  N1801U  UA => FedEx, stored LAS (Las Vegas, NV)
>  5  N103AA  AA => FedEx 11/96
>  6  N1802U  UA => FedEx, stored LAS
>  7  N104AA  broken up 9/95 (retired by AA)
>  8  N1803U  UA => FedEx, stored LAS
>  9  N105AA  AA => FedEx 10/97, stored AMA (Alliance, Ft. Worth, TX)
> 10  N1804U  broken up 10/93 (retired by UA)

Some inside information: FedEx already received N103AA and N146AA.  Guess what's
next?  Yep, N101AA, for delivery this month and N102AA for delivery next

N105AA is not yet scheduled to join the FedEx fleet (it may never).