Re: MD-17 vs. MD-11F/DC-10F

Date:         27 Jan 97 02:45:58 
From:         AIRJET CORP <>
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> >>Airbus proposed A300 600ST "BELUGA" to FEDEX and UPS but they refused
> >>due to the cost and the poor return on investment.
> UPS prefers used (cheap) equip, anyway
> Bought 757/767s new, but the vast
> majority of the fleet is very used

The Airbus Beluga wud not fit into the FedEx global strategy. They got
rid of all the 747's which Fred Smith did not like. FedEx is primarily a
small package carrier by far. While they do have some an occasional need
for something large as the Beluga, there is not enough traffic to make
it worthwhile and does not fit into their fleet plan made up primarily
of 727 type and DC-10 and MD-11s. The Tiger merger presented a real
challenge of fleet intergration primarily the DC-8's and 747's.