UPS Weekend Passenger Service (was: Re: MD-17 vs. MD-11F/DC-10F)

Date:         27 Jan 97 02:45:57 
From: (Randy Treadway)
Organization: Zip News
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  or MIME structure (J Berry) wrote:
> UPS is rolling out PASSENGER service this yr
>They have ordered roll-in seating (decked out nicely) to utilize their
>planes for weekend leisure travel. One problem that I would have a
>difficult time overcoming: NO WINDOWS, of course.

Those of us who have flown in military C-130's, C-141s,
C-5s, etc will have no problem with this.
i.e.- the idea flying "Space-A" was to get where you
want to go (or fairly close) cheap, or actually 'free'
for all intents and purposes.
We were willing to do without windows, make do
with a chicken or sandwich box lunch and sit
in web seats with earplugs stuck in our ears
for long periods of time (like San Fran to
Honolulu on a C-130 !, or Tokyo to Seattle
on a C-141).

So, I will definitely be interested in the UPS weekend
passenger offerings if they are cheap, they go where
I want to go, and if seats are indeed available.

Will I need to bring my own earplugs?

Randy Treadway