DC-8-63 package freighter - conversion question

Date:         27 Jan 97 02:45:57 
From:         "Hans Jakobsson" <hansj@algonet.se>
Organization: AlgoNet Public Access Node, Stockholm
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After counting the World's remaining DC-8's (267 acc to JP 96/97), it
surprised me that there is only one DC-8-63 in passenger configuration
flying in the world today - a 250-seater of Rich International.

I then began to wonder; how big a conversion was the -63 (or any other
DC-8) subject to when it was rebuilt into a package freighter? The windows
were plugged and the cabin was ripped out, AFAIK. If these are the only
changes, it wouldn't be impossible to convert it back to passenger config,
would it? Or am I wrong?


Hans Jakobsson

Hans Jakobsson Airline Consultancy
e-mail:  hansj@algonet.se
www:   http://www.algonet.se/~hansj/