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Date:         27 Jan 97 02:45:57 
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  or MIME structure (Ostreger) shaped the electrons to say:
>Why is the A3XX Omnibus not a V-tail mid-winger?

1. V-tails spook the public.  The same reason commercial aircraft are
kept symmetrical.  Did you know Boeing considered a 727 design with
engines on the wings and ONE SIDE of the tail?  The tested it on the
367-80 and it worked fine.  But it was not well received by those who
didn't undertand engineering, so it wasn't taken very far.

The only widespread aircraft the average flyer may have seen with a
V-tail is the Beechcraft Bonanza.

2. Midwingers are hated.  The wing carry-though must pass through the
cabin at some point.  The gap between the upper and lower decks is not
think enough for a wing box - so it will intrude.  Also, you have
maintenence to think of.  The same reason high-wingers are not popular
would apply - harder to access the wing from the ground.

A low wing means only the baggage area is interrupted.  It means the
public will accept the design.  It is a better known quantity.  It
will save costs over its lifetime with maintenance.

And I'd like to see your research that would prove the midwing would be so
much better for *this particular design*.

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