Re: Single engine jet (VisionAire).

Date:         26 Dec 97 03:29:03 
From:         David Parkins <>
Organization: Innovative Dynamics, Inc.
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Odilo Vazquez wrote:
> Visionaire is currently working a "claimed" 100 plane backlog.  They have
> enough impetus to actually build a new manufactruign facility.
> Unfortunatley Burt Rutan is inoved in this and it probably will be
> overbudget and way late (example Beech 2000).

You don't think this could have anything to do with the following

	first composite presurizes aircraft; all main structures, wing panels,
	and fuselage

	initial certification used composite props

	initial certification used TKS (later changed by marketing to BFG
	silver estane deicer)

	signifigant ice ingestions issues for engine intake and props

	canard configuration introduced many new certification issued (FAA
	required stick pusher and shaker)

Just a little? You might argue that these were all design concepts
propsed by Rutan but the Beech people are big boys and know how to build
and certify airplanes they were ahead of the pack and the FAA. Many of
the things they did are either old hat now or at least familiar to the

Remember the manufacturer (or certification applicant) has to prove the
plane is safe, the FARs are essentially guidelines.

In aviation it is often cheaper to be second rather than first with a
new idea.