Re: Bird Strike Risk

Date:         26 Dec 97 03:28:57 
From:         Bill Hensley <>
Organization: TRW Oklahoma City Engineering Office
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Iain Stuart wrote:
> Using his favourites wax crayons, Laurence Huttunen <> scrawled
> [...]This must be a relatively common occurance, but one wonders if there is
> >are critical times at which the risk is greatest and what those risk(s)
> >are.
> Birdstrikes occur mainly on Take-Off, but can occur anywhere. I recall
> seeing a report of a L1011's engine ingesting a buzzard or vulture over
> India at 26,000 feet. Engine ran on, but was a bit shakey.

While engine survivability is an obvious concern, birds also do damage
to other flight-critical parts of an aircraft.  They can take off pitot
tubes and antennas, crack or implode windshields, and tear away control
surfaces.  We almost lost an E-4B at Offutt AFB several years back due
to geese impacting and tearing away flaps from one of the wings, landing
gear doors, and the leading edge of the wings.  Another E-4B suffered
loss of the the #1 engine and multiple dings and dents to cowlings and
leading edges while doing T&Gs at KCI a year or so ago.

Cheers, Bill