Re: Old 707's

Date:         26 Dec 97 03:28:50 
From: (Brad Hunnewell)
Organization: EarthLink Network, Inc.
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On 21 Dec 97 17:01:28 , hackettNO* (Kim Hackett) wrote:
>The early 707s, the KC-135A with J57 engines, and the B-52G use water
>injection for additional takeoff thrust.  The B-52G has a water tank in
>the fuselage forward of the wing.  The water injection lasts about 45
>seconds.  Not all takeoffs use water injection.  On takeoffs with water
>injection, all of the water must be used, otherwise it would freeze at
>altitude.  I think the water capacity on the B-52G is about 3000 lb, if
>I remember correctly.

I used to fly KC-135A's (until just about 2 years ago). We carried
about 6000# of water which "burned" for about 2 minutes, or if we
turned it off before that, we drained the rest. Of course, water
doesn't actually burn, it would increase the density of the
through-put air mass, which increased the thrust from (I'm stretching
my memory here) about 12000# to 16000# per engine.
It put out a huge black smoke trail and was loud as hell, but
all-in-all, pretty cool to watch, especially a 10-ship takeoff with 12
seconds between aircraft!