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Date:         26 Dec 97 03:28:44 
From: (Allen)
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On 18 Dec 1997 11:16:34 -0500, (C. Marin Faure) wrote:
>Another piece of trivia is that Boeing and the FAA do not call the two
>most popular 707 models the same thing.  At Boeing, they were called the
>707-120 and the 707-320.  But the FAA, and therefore the Type
>Certificates, call the planes the 707-100 and 707-300.  Incidentally,
>there was a 707-200 which is how Boeing got to the 300s for the long-range

I was an A&P mechanic for American Airlines during the mid-sixties.
American Airlines have 23 Boeing 720-23B. The Boeing 720-23B is a much
lighter plane compared with the other Boeing 707. There seems to be
hell of a lot of cracks on the fuselage and each time it came in for
maintenance, we checked for cracks everywhere including the landing
gears. The wings leaking fuel too.. No one seemed to like to work on
this particular aircraft. The main visible difference of the Boeing
720, it does not have a metal tube jutting foreward at the top of the
vertical fin.

A comparison of the Boeing 707

                        B707-123    B720-023B   B707-323C

Max. Ramp wt (lbs)      258,000     230,000     324,500
Max Take-Off wt (lbs)   257,000     229,000     323,500
Max. Landing wt (lbs)   190,000     175,000     247,000
Length                  144' 6"     130' 2"     152' 11"
Wing Spam               130' 10"    136" 10"    145' 9"
Wing area (sq ft)       2521        2521        2892
Engine  (P&W)           JT3D-1      JT3D-1      JT3D-3B

Just my 2 cents..