Re: Boeing 720

Date:         21 Dec 97 17:01:26 
From: (Gerard Foley)
Organization: The Greater Columbus FreeNet
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Don Stokes ( wrote:
: In article <>,
: C. Marin Faure <> wrote:
: >I recall awhile back in these newsgroups someone asking why the Boeing 720
: >was called that as opposed to a 707-something.


: If Clive Irving is to be believed, the 720 moniker came because United's
: Pat Paterson had stated, on choosing DC-8s over 707s, that he would never
: buy an aircraft called "707", he just "didn't like the numbers".  So when
: Patterson came calling looking for a smaller plane, Boeing sold him 720s...

   But where did the terminal 7 come from?  The 247D had it, and the
StratoCruiser and StratoLiner, but the big Flying Boat was 314. Was
it a surperstition that imposed it on all the jets (including 717)
except the 720?