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Date:         21 Dec 97 02:32:35 
From:         hackettNO* (Kim Hackett)
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In article <airliners.1997.2972@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Robert Miller"
<> says:
>There are plans to expand the south runway at Ft Lauderdale so as to
>accomodate larger planes.. so- for the past two weeks a 747 has made an
>appearance at FLL, parked near terminal number 2. My question is:
>the existing R/W accomodates this 747.. why would a longer runway be
>needed.. can't believe someone would let a 747 land at an airport that
>wasn't quite big enough.. what is the rule here?

The 747 you have seen may have been lightly loaded.  A longer runway may
still be needed to operate a 747 that is more fully loaded for nonstop
flights to such destinations as Europe or South America. Loaded with fuel
and payload would require a longer runway.

I was on board the first 747 to land at Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport in
the 1970's.  Braniff was ferrying a 747 from Dallas to Wichita for a
charter flight to Hawaii.  We had 10 passengers on board and enough fuel
to get to SFO.  We landed on runway 1 which is 7302 ft long.  The plane
took off from Wichita with full passengers and had to refuel in SFO on the
way to Hawaii.  Given the payload and the runway length, the plane had to
depart Wichita before the air temperature reached 84 degrees F.