Re: A340-500/600 and B777-200X/-300X

Date:         21 Dec 97 02:32:32 
From:         jf mezei <"[non-spam]jfmezei">
Organization: VTL
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H Andrew Chuang wrote:
> This has not been a good year for Boeing: EU's objection of the Boeing/MD
> merger, production delays due to parts shortage, negative publicity due
> to the on-going TW800 investigation and hearings, etc.  Now, Boeing is
> falling behind Airbus in launching the ultra-long-range aircraft.

With 60-70% of the market, and with Stage III coming very soon, nobody
should be surprised that many airlines, waiting until the last minute,
made major orders all at the same time and that Boeing would be swamped
with orders.

Has the EU's objection to the Boeing gobbling up MD made a difference ?
Would Boeing have been able to cope any differently had it been able to
totally absorb MD ? (Lets consider the time it would have taken to do
that too).

I think that the production problems are just an indication of Boeing's
However, I think that Boeing did not wish to loose market share and
perhaps took on too many orders and was too agressive in its production
plans considering it had new planes (new 737s, 777 etc). This is all
short term though and in a few months, I suspect all will have been

My concern though is that Boeing is gearing up now for massive
production of planes. But once the rush is over in a couple of years,
what will happen of an overcapacity Boeing ? Will it have to downsize ?

> When Boeing failed to launch the B747X program, Boeing said airline
> customers were more interested in ultra-long-range aircraft like the
> B777-200X than ultra-high-capacity planes.

Perhaps Boeing already knew it had taken on too much work already and
knew it was not realistic to begin work on another plane, especially
without any firm orders.
With the recent firm orders for the rival Airbus products, I suspect
that Boeing will re-evaluate its 747-X and 777-X plans once its
production problems are over.