Re: Toilet sucks in child

Date:         27 Jan 97 02:45:56 
From: (C.A.R.Beveridge \(Colin\))
Organization: Electrical Engineering Department, University of Edinburgh
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In article <airliners.1997.191@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Peter Little) writes:
|> On 7 Jan 1997, a South African Airways  A320 [Flight SA327] flight
|> from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the pilot had to decrease altitude in
|> order for a 9 year old child to be pulled free from the toilet by a
|> doctor that was on board after it had sucked her in.
|> Two questions arise from this :-
|> 1. How does an unaccompanied minor find herslf in such a position -
|> especially in Business Class?

Probably was sitting on the lav, without the seat, and pressed the button
which would then suck the person right in (the seal between body and loo
would be avoided using the seat). Answer to part b is rich parents!

|> 2. What was the reason to decrease altitude in order for the passenger
|> to be freed from the toilet?? Are the toilets at a different pressure
|> to that of the rest of the cabin?

The place where the "stuff" goes is a vacuum tank.

|> I would be grateful for any technical explanation of the incident. I
|> suppose that the moral of the story is never go for a shit on an
|> Airbus!!!!

This has happeneded before, with adults usually, on 767s, DC8s, and others.


Colin A R Beveridge

Microelectronic Engineering
The University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom