Re: Douglas DC-5

Date:         17 Dec 97 11:10:48 
From: (JohnMcGrew)
Organization: AOL
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westin* (Stephen H. Westin) wrote:
>I just happened across a book in the library: a history of airlines.
>WHile leafing through, I found a photo of a Douglas DC-5. This was a
>2-engine, high-wing, tricycle-gear monoplane. Apparently the first one
>was delivered to KLM's West Indies division in the spring of 1940; these
>planes were transferred to the Far East as WW II advanced. At that
>point, KLM had bought at least one of every airliner Douglas had

An interesting aside:  One DC-5 purchaser/user was none other than
William Boeing, founder and former president of Boeing, who used the
plane for years as a personal transport.

The DC-5 was one of the first planes to be specifically designed as a
"commuter" airliner.  Unfortunately for the DC-5, that role would be
dominated by the tens-of-thousands of surplus DC-3s available after the