Re: crosswind landings

Date:         17 Dec 97 11:10:45 
From:         "JCSFlyboy" <>
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Carl Peters wrote ...
>To our pilots or others in the know - when watching crosswind landings
>by airliners, the great majority land while still crabbing. This must
>put considerable lateral loads on thr gear in addition to the scrubbing
>of the tires. Is this the taught method in training? In the light
>aircraft I fly, we usually try to cross control the aircraft, keeping
>the crosswind wing down while holding opposite rudder, thus maintaining
>the runway heading during touchdown.

Well, the approach is done usually while in a crab, but not the landing.
When your on a 20 mile final, cross contolling can be very tiresome. Their
is nothing to say exactly when you pull it out of the crab and use cross
control. This depends on the pilot flying's techniques and the wind. It's
usually anywhere from 50 to 500 feet AGL.