Re: crosswind landings

Date:         17 Dec 97 03:43:09 
From:         Exiled Expat <>
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Carl Peters wrote:
> To our pilots or others in the know - when watching crosswind landings
> by airliners, the great majority land while still crabbing. This must
> put considerable lateral loads on thr gear in addition to the scrubbing
> of the tires. Is this the taught method in training? In the light
> aircraft I fly, we usually try to cross control the aircraft, keeping
> the crosswind wing down while holding opposite rudder, thus maintaining
> the runway heading during touchdown.

Large aircraft are designed to withstand a certain amount of landing gear
side loads during the landing phase of operation.  However, it still
remains the duty of the pilot to record in the defect log if he feels that
the landing was significantly hard or sideloaded so that the aircraft
engineer or A + P airman can perform the apropriate inspection listed in
the aircraft maintenance manual for this occurrence.  I believe that a good
pilot will straighten the aircraft to the runway centerline just prior to
touchdown even on large aircraft.  I have even seen the occasion pilot set
it down on one main gear first.
Exiled Expat