Re: Confusion over 777 variants.

Date:         17 Dec 97 03:41:30 
From:         M Carling <>
Organization: ImagiNET
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jchase wrote:
> I can vouch for the variations.  In  I flew
> Cleveland-Newark-Heathrow and back on United; three of the aircraft used
> were 777's.   I say three because the aircraft all had different
> interior decor, and at least one had different breakdown for the number
> of rows in first, business, and coach class.  All the 777's were
> operated by United!   When I got home I checked the Boeing internet site
> which revealed that less than 20 777's had been delivered as of that
> date.

All of UA's 777s have the same seating configuration. At the time you
write of (June-July 1996), UA had about 10-12 777s. There may have been
some minor variation in interior decor--though I've never noticed any,
and I've flown on all of those planes.

M Carling