Re: C-5 to 747?

Date:         17 Dec 97 03:41:22 
From:         k_ish <>
Organization: Netcom
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> The B747 design has always carried more payload farther, faster,
> with more reliability that the C5A or C5B.
> Boeing makes big aircraft better....

"Better" if you mean a transport aircraft that can carry 400 passengers
7,500 miles from a 10,000 foot paved runway to another one, with lots of
ground support equipment at both ends.  This is *not* the mission
profile of the C-5.

The mission profile of the C-5 is to carry bulky, oversize payloads to
and from semi-improved airfields with no ground support equipment.  The
C-5 has many features to assist in this- large fuselage cross-section,
high wing for low cargo floor height, stabilizer and engines placed away
from FOD, built in forward and aft cargo ramps, the ability to para-drop
payloads, tire pressure adjustable in-flight, and a squat/kneel landing
gear feature which inclines the entire aircraft and reduces the cresting
angle at the top of the cargo ramp.  Long range and high payload per
aircraft are economic factors vital to an airline and unimportant to the flight refueling and more aircraft take care of these

I do agree the 747 is a fantastic bird (as is the C-5).  Boeing could no
doubt build an excellent military heavy transport.  Comparing the two
aircraft, however, is apples and oranges IMHO.

Ken Ishiguro