Re: airbag anyone??

Date:         10 Dec 97 04:05:04 
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In article <airliners.1997.2869@ohare.Chicago.COM> "ho" <> writes:
>i have been wondering whether it would be practical to have airbag
>installed on an airliner to increase the chance of survival.

One would assume there's a whole lot of other things to do to enhance
survivability for passengers, such as:

- Pointing seats backwards.
- Providing shoulder harnesses.
- Requiring infants have their own seats and carriers.
- Providing misting systems.
- Utilizing internal furnishings that don't decompose into lethal byproducts
  when burned.
- Providing smoke-hoods.
- Making exits easier to open (as Boeing is doing with the new swing-out
  overwing design on the new 737s).

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