Re: airbag anyone??

Date:         10 Dec 97 04:05:04 
From: (Edward Hahn)
Organization: The MITRE Corporation
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In article <airliners.1997.2870@ohare.Chicago.COM>, kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:
>>i have been wondering whether it would be practical to have airbag
>>installed on an airliner to increase the chance of survival.
>I'd expect survivable airliner accidents to be relatively low G, at
>least along the longitudinal axis of the aircraft, as there are lots
>of crumple zones.  The need for the greater upper body restraint
>offered by airbags (or shoulder belts) would therefore be reduced.
>Basically, an airbag would be an expensive and complex solution to a
>problem which may not exist.

Also, given the soul searching that auto airbags are currently being given in
the US, I would find it surprising if such equipment were actually installed
in an aircraft. Given the current environment, I think it would need to be
proven conclusively that the crash problem (whatever that is) would be solved
while at the same time no additional problems caused by airbag deployment
would be created.

In addition, since most air crashes seem to involve a fire afterwards, I don't
think rescue crews would be too thrilled about having a bunch of pyrotechnic
devices which may or may not be deployed in the burning wreckage.  I
understand that an undeployed airbag in a car wreck is something that auto
rescue personnel are very careful to deactivate prior immediately.


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