Bird Strike Risk

Date:         10 Dec 97 04:05:04 
From:         "Laurence Huttunen" <>
Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services
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Is there any point of operation where a bird strike is of particular
danger to the operation of modern passenger jets?

On the Monday before Thanksgiving, I was on a Northwest A320 departing
San Jose, CA.  While accelerating down the runway, a large vibration
started through the aircraft and after what seemed about three seconds
engine power was reduced and the takeoff aborted.  I later overheard
crew members saying that we were going about 60 mph when a bird was
ingested into the left engine.  Indeed, upon deplaning, there was a
clean (and bent) spot on an otherwise sooty collection of turbine blades
where the fowl did its deed. The plane was put out of service as a

On the next day, I heard a news report that a Northwest Airbus out of
Orange County, CA was already in the air when it hit a bird and had to
return to the airport.

This must be a relatively common occurance, but one wonders if there is
are critical times at which the risk is greatest and what those risk(s)