Re: Boeing & Airbus Production Difficulties

Date:         10 Dec 97 04:05:04 
From: (Blista-Brailletec)
Organization: T-Online
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Herbert Lasky wrote:
> Does any know whether Airbus has encountered the same production
> difficulties that Boeing is experiencing?  If so, are the difficulties
> the same? If not, what have done to avaoid delays?
> Seperately, is the Boeing delivery schedule for Delta public knowledge?
> If it is, which models will be delivered when?

To my knowledge, Airbus proudly makes known that it is encountering none
of the same production difficulties as Boeing, though the output of new
airplanes is being roughly doubled over two years. Best check the Airbus
website for news.

The fact is that deliveries so far have been running smoothly. I think
Airbus has much greater control over its suppliers network, because it's
knit with a more long-term partnership in mind, and also has a very good
logistics and production planning experience from having worked in four
production centres since the beginning. Boeing seems to rely more on
short-term arrangements even with suppliers for whom it is the sole
important customer. That's my impression, anyway.

I don't know about the Delta delivery schedules, sorry.

M. Lange