Re: Concorde noise (was: Concorde's other customers)

Date:         10 Dec 97 04:05:03 
From: (John Stodola)
Organization: Hughes Network Systems Inc.
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  or MIME structure (James Matthew Weber) wrote:
>It was more than just the sonic boom. The aircraft was is
>exceptionally noisey. I have friends who used to live in Twyford UK,
>just outside Reading. They were directly under the path of Concorde
>for the trip to JFK, and about 35 miles from the end of the runway.
>Everyafternoon about 4PM the whole house rattled. Came to call it 4
>o'clock Concorde. It was simply amazing how loud the thing was, and if
>you looked, you could find it in the sky, but  my guess is that it
>went over at something around 15,000 feet.

When the Concorde was running out of Dulles, I used to play golf in
Laytonsville, MD, about 30 miles from Dulles, on the outgoing flight
path of many flights.  Normally, you could not hear commercial airliners
at that location because they were so high.  Not so the Concorde.  It
was so noisy, I expected it be hundreds of feet in the air, not thousands.
It was hard to relate the small size and altitude of the plane with the
immense noise.