Re: Concorde's other customers (There were none in the end!)

Date:         10 Dec 97 04:05:03 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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Mihir Shah wrote:
> David Ecale wrote in message ...
> > The Russians went on to design (well some of the specs
> >*were* smuggled out of France in toothpaste tubes) the Tu144.  This
> >was a contender until the spectacular crash at the 1968 Paris Air
> >Show.
> Did this happen in 1968?  That was the year the Tu-144 was
> _introduced_, I
> thought.  IIRC, the crash at the Paris Air Show happened in 1973, or
> thereabouts (I definitely recall it being in the early 1970's, at
> least).

For the record, the crash of the Concordski occured on the 03-Jun-73 at
15h29. During a vertical climbing the a/c stalled, headed left and lost
height. While the pilot tried to regain control, the outer part of the
right wing broke off followed by the tail. Next the fuel tanks leaked,
which led to the explosion of the Tu144. The 6 crewmembers and 9 people
on the ground were killed. No official accident report was ever
released. Note that in Dec-75 the 144 entered commercial service,
without undergoing a major design change.

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