Re: DC-8s in service; no 707s?

Date:         27 Jan 97 02:45:56 
From: (andrew m. boardman)
Organization: Quiche Eaters Anonymous
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Merlin Dorfman <> wrote:
>A similar comment might be made about 707s and Dc-8s.  It has been
>a long time since I've seen a 707 (707-airframe TACAMOs and Joint STARS,
>yes, and a double-take at an A340 at DFW last year, but not an airline 707).
>But I frequently see DC-8s, in cargo service with new engines.
>Is there a reason that the DC-8 airframes are still in service
>up to 30 years later while the 707s are not?

There are only 87 707s remaining that are registered in the U.S. (a
pretty even mix of -1xx and -3xx models), and indeed, it's been a while
since I've seen a civilian version in motion in the U.S.  I was in Athens
last year, though, and they were reasonably common; I remember lots of
Air Afrique operations, especially.  (And just as noisy as you might
remember, with, if I recall correctly, the original JT3Ds.  Ouch!)  I'd
assume their scarcity on the home soil is the usual matter of noise and
efficiency.  Can anyone here speak definitively on the hushkitting and
reengining options for the 707s vs. DC-8s?

(There are a pair of 707s registered to "Quiet Skies Inc." in CA, which I
assume is working on hushkit options.  Still, an amusing owner after my
Athens experiences.)