Re: Concorde's other customers

Date:         10 Dec 97 04:05:02 
From:         Andrew Cruickshank <>
Organization: OpenKast Limited
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Ralph Lorenz wrote:
> : While not tremendous, I can see how the noise could be startling and
> : thus worse than a conventional jet flying over at a few thousand feet,
> : especially if it happened a number of times per day, every day.
> : There was also the matter of engine noise on takeoff.  Having heard
> : a Concorde departure when the aircraft was about fifteen miles out
> : from Heathrow, I can easily understand why nobody wanted the thing
> : around.  The racket must be horrific up close.
> I was once on a coach (=bus) riding to Heathrow, and we drove parallel
> to the runway, perhaps 50-100m to one side of it. Concorde was oncoming
> and took off - the noise was indeed impressive, and I remember breaking
> into a broad grin; it was just too cool - louder than most fighter
> displays I've heard at airshows...

A Concorde on final approach to LHR is extremely distinctive audibly
from the ground.

On take off you don't just hear a Concorde on take off - you feel it.
I've been in 757s which were behind a Tornado and behind a Concorde
when queuing for take off. The Tornado took off with both afterburners
lit - very audible. The effect with Concorde was felt as a rumble and
buzz through the 757 in addition to the noise.

At airshows the Vulcan used to give the same sort of rumble as it
turned away from the crowd under power - again with a low frequency
you could feel - not exactly surprising given that it also used four
Olympus turbojets.