Re: Concorde economics

Date:         10 Dec 97 04:05:02 
From: (John R Levine)
Organization: I.E.C.C., Trumansburg, N.Y.
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>	I also read an article about the Concorde being good for about 20 more
>years. Can the world really handle that? On British Airways, to be on a
>Concorde, it is $5,000 bucks a shot, one way.

I gather the load factors on Concorde flights are very high.  BA and
AF have special ground procedures so you can show up at the airport
1/2 hour before flight time rather than 2 hrs, and they whisk you
through customs at the other end.

Particularly in the current financial climate, there are plenty of
people who believe that it's worth the price.  The RT Concorde fare
JFK-LFR is only $370 more than the already absurd first class fare of
$8104 so what the heck.  To Paris, it's $6000 RT if you buy the tix four
days ahead, which is a little less than the regular first class fare.

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