Re: PHL-NRT Under ETOPS 180

Date:         10 Dec 97 04:05:02 
From:         "Jim" <>
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B.A. Patterson wrote in message ...
>The U.S. Gov't has been reported as negotiating rights with Japan for US
>Airways to serve NRT.  It would presumably do so from PHL.  Since US
>Airways only has, and is only likely to acquire, two engined aircraft, can
>they use such an airplane (777 or A330) to fly PHL-NRT under ETOPS 180?

6779 miles per the great circle and 120 min etops makes it.
Boeing claims 767-300ER design range is 7,120.
767-200ER, they claim, can do 7,680.  USAir has these from Piedmont.