Re: B737 2nd generation

Date:         10 Dec 97 04:05:01 
From: (David R. Hendrickson)
Organization: Seattle - it's not Hell, but you can see it from here!
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In article <airliners.1997.2887@ohare.Chicago.COM>, wrote:

> When will Boeing stop to offer the B737 2nd generation to airlines?
> Recent orders from low-cost carriers for the 733/734/735 show that on
> short routes these a/c are still interesting to operate. Price should
> also be an issue and I guess the difference (after discounts) is bigger
> than shown in the official Boeing pricelist.

were' shutting down one of the two "classic" 737 lines in the Renton plant
at the end of February to be converted for the 2nd Next Gen line.  i think
we finally stop making the classic a year or so from now.

everything of course subject to demand...

     David R. Hendrickson

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