Re: Concorde's other customers

Date:         09 Dec 97 03:54:27 
From: (Ralph Lorenz)
Organization: The University of Arizona
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: While not tremendous, I can see how the noise could be startling and
: thus worse than a conventional jet flying over at a few thousand feet,
: especially if it happened a number of times per day, every day.

: There was also the matter of engine noise on takeoff.  Having heard
: a Concorde departure when the aircraft was about fifteen miles out
: from Heathrow, I can easily understand why nobody wanted the thing
: around.  The racket must be horrific up close.

I was once on a coach (=bus) riding to Heathrow, and we drove parallel
to the runway, perhaps 50-100m to one side of it. Concorde was oncoming
and took off - the noise was indeed impressive, and I remember breaking
into a broad grin; it was just too cool - louder than most fighter
displays I've heard at airshows...

Incidentally, wearing a walkman or similar while in a bus at
LHR, you can hear a squeek from the radar dish on the tower
(close to the bus terminal) - maybe 3 per revolution, so there
must be some RF leaking out of some sidelobes somewhere..

Ralph Lorenz
Lunar and Planetary Lab
University of Arizona