Re: Concorde's other customers

Date:         09 Dec 97 03:54:26 
From:         "Damon Marcus Lewis" <>
Organization: DML Enterprises
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James Matthew Weber wrote in message ...
>It was more than just the sonic boom. The aircraft was is
>exceptionally noisey. I have friends who used to live in Twyford UK,
>just outside Reading. They were directly under the path of Concorde
>for the trip to JFK, and about 35 miles from the end of the runway.
>Everyafternoon about 4PM the whole house rattled.

Were the rules for take-off different in the United States? I live under the
former flight path the Concordes took upon approach to Dulles, and I can't
recall them being any louder than another plane. I rarely saw them on
takeoff, so I can't really compare. But, my question is did the Concorde
follow different rules until it was off the coast to keep them quieter?

Damon Lewis