Re: ETOPS Question

Date:         09 Dec 97 03:54:25 
From: (Bill Walker)
Organization: Odyssey Networks, Inc., London, Ontario, CANADA
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Matthew Willshee <> wrote:
>I should think that the limiting factor on cold starts is oil temperature.
>If the oil is very cold then it will be too viscous to pump around the oil
>system.  This can lead to problems with bearings and local overheating of
>the oil (because the cold oil is too thick to pump into the hot bearing
>chambers to replace the heated oil there).

Quite right, oil viscosity is the main problem with low ambient
temperature turbine engine starting and running. Other, less likely,
but still possible problems (from my own accursed personel experience)
include ice on the ignitors, frozen water in the fuel lines (sure the
burners at 1100C, but the fuel has to get there first!), and
misbehaving electronics.
Any other problems, anyone?

Weight & Balance Walker
wage slave of the aerospace industry