Re: Saudi MD-11's ???

Date:         09 Dec 97 03:54:24 
From:         Colleen M Wabiszewski <>
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>The aircraft currently effected are all MD-11F's.  I believe, though, that
>there are some twenty-nine MD90's involved in the same deal, too.  The
>airline also has/had five 747-400's and twenty-three 777-200's on order, so
>it is possible that there are some negotiations going on with Boeing
>regarding some late changes (specifically, would Boeing want to build those
>MD90's if they could deliver something else instead?).

Saudi Arabian did also order 29 MD-90s.  These are currently in
production, and the first production model is being used for flight
test.  These are rather radically modified MD-90s, based on the desires
of the airline.  In addition to a number of new systems, the cockpit has
a lighted, push-button overhead and a six-across LCD configuration
replacing the standard instrument panel (these units are the same part
number as those used in the 777, made by Honeywell).  Considering all
the upgrades the airline has made from the EFIS MD-90, and the
production status of the aircraft, I doubt that they would want to
replace them with a different Boeing aircraft at this late date,
especially when you consider the current production delays in Seattle.