Re: Compressor Stall at Takeoff?

Date:         09 Dec 97 03:54:23 
From:         Robin Peel <>
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises
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Dick Bussiere wrote:
> Last week, I was aboard a US-Airways 727-200 on a shuttle from New York to
> Boston. When we began our takeoff roll, there was a loud "bang" from the
> rear of the plane. We thought we had hit something or that a major
> malfunction had occurred. Needless to say, the pilot continued the takeoff
> roll and the flight proceeded normally.
> A few minutes later, the captain got on the loudspeaker and said that we had
> experenced a compressor stall in one of the engines. He said that it was
> common when taking off into a strong crosswind.

I experienced a compressor stall in an American Airlines MD-80 (drifting
down through around 15,000 on an approach into Washington National).  As
you described, it was a single, sharp bang from the left engine,
followed by puzzled looks fropm all aboard.  The engine was shut down
and we landed as a single-engine aeroplane at DCA, surrounded by fire
trucks (I would have preferred and would have chosen the longer runways
at IAD, which don't have the Potomac at each end).

I could not figure out how the compressor stall occured when the engines
were at (or near) idle at this stage of a descent.

- Robin.

Robin A. Peel
Austin, Texas, USA